Oregon Futbol Academy scholarship

OFA offers scholarships based on financial need to qualified players in the recreational to premier level programs from 4-19 years of age. Scholarship awards cover 25%-75% of the membership fee (this does not include individual team expenses such as travel and tournament fees.) OFA uses the same income guidelines for scholarships as school districts do to determine who receives reduced/free lunches.

Players who are placed on recreational or competitive teams are encouraged to apply for scholarships if their families meet either of the following criteria or have extenuating circumstances:

Qualification A:

- Player’s family uses federal reduced/free lunch programs in area schools.

- Requires a copy of the school district’s reduced/free lunch verification form.

Qualification B:

- Player’s family income is close to reduced/free lunch qualifications but the family does not apply for school lunch programs. For example, to qualify for a school lunch program a family of four earns $44,863 or less for reduced lunch and $31,525 or less for free lunch.

- Requires a copy of federal tax return (page one only) for most recent year from all supporting parents or guardians.

We encourage parents to submit applications before assessments begin. Parents will be notified as soon as the review process is completed. Scholarship awards are credited to player’s accounts as soon as the parent’s payment portion is received. If further accommodation is needed please contact the OFA office as soon as possible.

Please fill out the Application here and return to OFA via email, mail or at our facility.

download scholarship application