Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are OFA’s fees? Per season (fall/spring)

  • a. Kinder Program (U5-U6) B/G - $45.00
  • b. Recreation Program (U7 – U14) B/G - $75.00
  • c. Competitive Program (U8 – U19) B/G - $275.00
    ($75.00 due at registration, $200 due after assessments).

2. What if our family is unable to pay the fee to participate?

  • a. We want to encourage all players to register. If money is a challenge, financial aid is available through a scholarship. (Link to the form/tab)

3. What does a player get when they register with OFA?

  • a. Kinder players receive a t-shirt.
  • b. Every player receives a training kit.
  • c. Upon placement to a team and payment of the competitive fee, every competitive player receives home and away jersey kits, sweatshirt, beanie, and a backpack.

4. Where will OFA be playing?

  • a. Recreational teams will play games in Grants Pass, Oregon. Competitive teams will be playing in Oregon and Northern California.

5. Where will OFA teams train/practice?

  • a. Local turf and grass fields within Grants Pass will be utilized, including the new turf field in development at the Josephine County Fairgrounds. In addition, teams will train at OFA’s new futsal facility.

6. What leagues will OFA teams participate in?

  • a. OFA teams will participate in leagues in Grants Pass, Southern Oregon, statewide Northern California, and Statewide under US Club Soccer and/or the Oregon Youth Soccer Association.

7. Who will be coaching OFA teams?

  • a. Parents may volunteer to coach prior to registration for soccer season.
  • b. OFA coaches will be selected by OFA staff in accordance with OYSA and US Club guidelines and risk management policies. David Burgee is the Executive Director and Hector Cruz is the Technical Director. Both David and Hector will have responsibilityfor selecting and training coaches from recreational through competitive.

8. Are there tryouts?

  • a. No. OFA will be placing all players on teams after an assessment period. All players will be assessed based on their technical ability, and OFA will have levels of play from recreational to competitive. All players will be placed on a team. There are no cuts. Kinder age players and players that know that they want to play recreational only will not need to come to the assessments.

9. How and when will players know what team they are on?

  • a. Recreational teams will be assembled in the fall based upon birth year. For competitive, after the assessments in July, OFA will place players on teams based upon birth year and ability. Communication of team placement will made prior to the fall season.

10. How do I become a competitive or recreational coach?

  • a. Applications will be taken during the registration period for recreational and competitive coaching positions. Coaches will be selected by OFA staff and volunteers consistent with Academy policy.

11. Do coaches receive coaching/training gear?

  • a. Yes. All coaches will receive training gear and other OFA swag.

12. Do coaches receive training?

  • a. Yes, one of the primary missions of OFA is to pursue the best quality soccer possible. Training programs and personalized instruction will be offered to all coaches from recreational through competitive coaches.

13. What will practice/training sessions look like?

  • a. Teams will train up to three times a week, including a futsal session (optional for recreational).

14. Will there be adult leagues?

  • a. Yes! OFA is committed to bringing soccer to all of members of the community. We will notify the general public as programs become available.

15. Is GPYSC the same as OFA?

  • a. Yes! GPYSC and OFA successfully merged as the ultimate Southern Oregon Academy.