Competitive Academy


SOCL & PTTL U11-U19 Registration: $275

All players who wish to play at the Competitive level must attend Assessments. The goal of OFA Assessments is to find the best fit for each player. After Assessments, players will be placed on a team. Current/Approved OFA Competitive "PLAY-UP" players should attend the assessment for their current teams age grouping if they wish to re-assess for that team in the Fall. Do NOT attend a "PLAY-UP" assessment grouping unless you are currently on the roster for a competitive team as a "PLAY-UP" player. All other players should attend their age specific grouping. 



Uniforms must be purchased separately at the OFA Outpost or online at our Shopify site. Required Competitive Uniform pieces include 2 Game Jerseys (white & blue), 2 Practice Jerseys (white & blue), 2 Pairs of Shorts (Blue & Black), 2 Pairs of Game Socks, and 1 Warm-Up Jacket.

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Practice Begins: Dec 2018

First Game: January 26th, 2019

Last Game: March 17th, 2019




Practice Begins: March 2019

First Game: (Youth U11-U14) April 6th, 2019 / (High School) April 14th, 2019

Last Game: April 18th / April 19th


The competitive league provides its players with a greater opportunity to develop his/her soccer skills. These players seek to be challenged in the game of soccer. Since soccer can be a lifelong sport for some players, these more serious players seek the competitive league to build and hone their skills in order to give them the best possible opportunity to succeed in high school and beyond.

Players must be placed for roster spots on a competitive team through open assessments. Through the assessment process, the goal of OFA is to fairly and objectively evaluate each and every player and rank them on their demonstrated ability, tactical awareness and technical skill. Competitive teams will be formed according to those rankings. Sometimes more than one team may be formed at an age division but one team, known as the A team, will have the strongest players.

Competitive teams are encouraged to participate in at least two tournaments per year. Teams will require the players and parents to travel to various places throughout Oregon and northern California. This level of participation will increase the financial burden to play. Teams are encouraged to fund raise to pay for events and travel expenses.



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